On the Outside Looking In.

Barney's Coop has arrived, get your hors d'oeuvres while they last!

Back in November of 2007 I predicted the opening of Barney's on Atlantic Avenue in a blog post where I praised the meditative qualities of the Salvation Army.
I said:

"How long will this one on Atlantic Avenue be here? How long before it turns into Barney's Brooklyn? How boring would that be? Very."

While the new Barney's co-op did not move into the Salvation Army space I wasn't too far off the mark. I have to say they always have great windows particularly at Christmas and it's has always been a dream of mine as an artist to work with the fabulous Simon Doonan. In fact I met him once at the John Bartlett fashion show I went to during the snowstorm last year and basically acted like a babbling idiot. I loooooooove his book, "Confession of a Window Dresser".

But Barney's is a place i would rather visit in what I like to call "money making Manhattan". You know, the thing I like about Brooklyn is that stuff like this isn't here. And now it is. Whatareyougonnado. Trader Joes is around the corner. When I go there, I feel like Margaret Meade. Women leaving their pocketbooks unattended in shopping carts,with Nannies in tow, being waited on by overly friendly un-Brooklyn like Trader Joe employees. I guess they get good wages and benefits to make them like that or perhaps they are given Ecstasy upon the start of their shifts. It's the new Brooklyn. Not bad, but sort of hollow.

Salvation Army Forever!!! Read that old post in it's entirety here.


Anonymous said...

I believe in the Clash!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

I know I'll be tempted to go & take a look, even though I won't be remotely capable of affording anything there. Don't have cable, so only just caught an episode of the TV series Beautiful People - based on Doonan's early years in Reading. Good fun. If you go to England, you'll find more charity shops than you could imagine...

B and T said...

Loving your blog and this post!


Matthew said...

I walked by Barney's on opening day. One of the employees inside, offering a plate of cookies, looked rather sheepish in a tie.

Unfortunately for the Salvation Army, the organization is (officially/doctrinally) homophobic, so I stopped giving/buying there years ago.