John Bartlett Fashion Show and Manhattan Bridge Walk in the Snow......

Blizzard schmizzard!!!F.I.B went fab and attended a fashion show in Manhattan Wednesday evening. The subways were empty, Canal Street was void of tourists and we had the sidewalk to ourselves as we made our way to attend John Bartlett's fall 2010 fashion show.Friend Margaret Maugenest and designer John Bartlett.
The show dah-ling!.After the show, which was alot of fun and a first for F.I.B (I got to meet design idol Simon Doonan!)we passed by the American Leg(ion) building on Canal Street as we made our way to the Manhattan Bridge where Brooklyn awaits on the other end..Looking toward the Brooklyn Bridge about mid-way..
Back in Brooklyn, snowmen were all over the place. We didn't see one in money makin' Manhattan...The best one for last, found on Union Street near Bond Street.


Winterlight said...

great snow adventure from bartlett to b'lyn. nothing beats a walk across the bridge.

hope chest said...

Snow! Wow I want to feel the snow. I wish I can have a great snow adventure just like you do. I love your blog. I will make blog just like this.