Mystery Solved!

Last month F.I.B stumbled upon a stack of paintings and speculated about just what the story was behind their abandonment. Well, the mystery is solved!

These are all the works Jesse Jones. A friend of his happened upon the original blogpost and sent it on to him...here is Mr. Jone's response.

"The paintings were mine. I lived in that house for 30 years and it's being sold so I had to move out. I had so much stuff that I had to make tough choices about what to keep.

I'm pleased some of them found a home at least! I hope you enjoy them.

I have painted a lot of Lucha Libre Masks and Apes."

Yup, they found a good home alright!

Check out Jesse Jone's portfolio, which is chock full of great images here.

I would like to add that F.I.B and Mr. Jones have probably crossed paths as we were both teenage regulars at the CBGB hardcore matinees in the early 80's and he also went on to be in the band Yuppicide which I recall going seeing one time. Small world!


serendipity said...

What a GREAT story. Reminds me of the time you posted a man at a fire station -some old photograph you got a hold of. And by posting you found out who he was and the story behind THAT picture. When you "find" you really FIND! Hooray for Jesse Jones (love hat name) - good karma here.

Lisanne said...

Oh Yeah, that was pretty hilarious..good memory whoever you are.. that story is here.

Mr. Lee said...

Jesse is a great guy and a very talented artist (as well as a boss DJ who throws THEE best parties).

the eternal worrier said...

Ah... the artist with a fixation about gorillas.