Fixers Collective throw "Old Fashioned" Party this Saturday Night............

I mentioned Fixer's Collective this week at Proteus Gowanus, ends up they are throwing a par-tay this Saturday. Fix stuff, break stuff, drink some PBR..sounds good to me! Please note that this is NOT happening at the Proteus Gowanus space.

This Saturday, February 13 at 9 pm
The Fixers are throwing an Old-Fashioned Party

The Fixers Collective invites you to

Get Hammered Get Fixed Up
* Taking Apart Useless Electronic Equipment and Putting It Back Together Again
* Musical Guests: the Lame Drivers, Too Big To Fail, Adam Blander & Weekends
* Fixed Items Auction
* The Breakers Collective (Please Bring a Hammer if You're Interested in Joining)
*Dancing (Dancing)

With a special appearance by Fixed Up, a new Fixers service (inaugurated on Valentine's Day Eve)in which all your broken little hearts will be patched and welded and reinforced with the choice bits of broken hearts we've got lying around the shop.

123 8th Street at 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
Price of Admission: $10

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