Some Brooklyn Nightlife

They said they were on their way to the Gagalympics as they patriotically strut down Fourth Avenue at around 1 am.

F.I.B crossed paths with this crew on 4th Avenue and 8th Street after attending the Fixers Collective party, where extreme fashion was also all the rage.I think this guy said his name was Matthew and he said he crawled out of the Gowanus, apparantly he was "born in a parking lot, a xerox machine just spat him right out". Too Big to Fail. They had many members switching off instruments and all sung enthusiastically. I dug 'em. The fellow in the hat and glasses had a sort of Bill Gates gone wild vibe.

Happy Valentine's/Year of the Tiger everyone!

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xtsabzgowanus said...

Looks like crazy fun. Esp. the guy who crawled out of Gowanus. I have heard about aliens landing there - i ufologists note!