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Crocheted bike by Olek.
And speaking of bikes, many of you out there may have seen these crocheted bikes around town. I spotted this one Wooster Street near Canal in Manhattan, I found out via a photo someone posted on facebook that these are done by a Brooklyn based Polish born artist named Olek. It says on her website that "Olek can be found in her Brooklyn studio with a bottle of spiced Polish vodka and a hand rolled cigarette aggressively re-weaving the world as she sees fit." Love it. Her work is friggin' wild! These bikes ain't the half of her work and I am happy to see that she has an insane looking show going on that I am most definitely going to be checking out this week.

The show is at: Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, NYC
Closes October 17th.

Click here for her website for details and to see all sorts of documentation of her work.


cat said...

Hey! I like Olek's bikes.Thanks for posting this!!!

Lisanne! said...

Oooh, this is brilliant. Much more attractibve that the average bicycle.

Anonymous said...

I saw that show and it is sexxxxxyy!!!