Farewell To Paul's Daughter? Hope Not.

I attended the party for what may be but hopefully not the last weekend Coney Island icon snack bar Paul's Daughter this past Saturday afternoon. As a thank you EVERYTHING was on the house. Hot dogs, french fries, cotton candy, lemonade, beer - all gratis as a thank you to customers from the Paul's Daughter family.
Oh man these signs are so beautiful..what will happen to them?

A F.I.B commenter on a previous post about the party and described the scene, it pretty much sums up the feeling;" It was such a beautiful day at Coney today, and the party at Paul's Daughter was so gracious. The food was free, and very delicious - such generosity of spirit. I hope they don't have to leave Coney - that a miracle happens."
Ruby's was also open again this weekend and I heard a rumor that food was going to be free at another business that has been evicted, The Gyro Corner, today (Sunday).

Show your support for the small family businesses of Coney Island who have stuck it out through the years, please sign this petition.

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