Zombie Librarians Converge at City Hall

Wondering how the Zombie Librarian walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall on Halloween to protest possible budget cuts went? I figured since I received comments in a recent blog post about the state of the libraries like the following, some of you might be interested.

F.I.B reader Ben Franklin said,
"Props to the Brooklyn Collection for making do as they can but BPL is already being treated shamefully-- I won't even get into the highly variable state of the branches-- but everyone should be ashamed, and furious, the situation has gotten so bad."

These photos and review of the day are from the group Save NYC Libraries .DSC05327
" Over 50 zombies converged at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn to moan about new cuts to library budgets in NYC. “More Libraries, More Brains!” they grumbled, shambling across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall in support of maintaining library funding at it’s current level for the remainder of the fiscal year. The local zombie community has been under threat of a severe brain shortage following recent cuts to library services, and they fear starvation if new cuts are allowed to go through.
Midyear budget adjustments are projected to cut a further 5.4% from local library budgets, resulting in continuing cuts in service hours on weekends, materials budgets, and more layoffs.
If even the undead community supports library services, we must be doing something right. let’s prevail upon our elected officials to make sure that libraries remain fully funded so we can continue to provide the essential services and community that New Yorkers have come to rely on."

Go to their website for more information on the budget cuts and more photos of the zombie march.

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