"Paul's Daughter" Party * Saturday * Coney Island Boardwalk * Show Your Support* Free Eats

Paul's Daughter (formerly Gregory & Paul's)is the snack bar that has been in front of the former Astroland (now Luna Park) for 41 years with the iconic happy hamburger man on the roof, the beautiful hand painted signs and serves up classic Coney Island food, you know, the kind that the new UPSCALE restaurants will mimic and charge double for.

They are having a party this Saturday afternoon at 12:30 pm and they saying the food will be "on the house".

Show your support and pay your respects. It may be one of the last times you will see it in all it's glory.

Photo from Paul's Daughter family's collection on their Facebook page

And also a reminder-


Margaret said...

It was such a beautiful day at Coney today, and the party at Paul's Daughter was so gracious. The food was free, and very delicious - such generosity of spirit. I hope they don't have to leave Coney - that a miracle happens.

lisannem said...

Yes it was an absolute stunner of a day and the generosity at Paul's Daughter was gracious..no one was being greedy and I think most were shocked that EVERYTHING was on the house. I am praying for a miracle...