Freddy's Bar Opens Tonite!

Since today is F.I.B's birthday I am tooting my own horn and showing a bit of my contribution to Freddy's. This is just a portion of one of the 2 bathroom doors.

I don't think there is anyone who loved the old Freddy's that doesn't know this at this point but tonite is the big par-tay. I expect it to be a madhouse but in a good way! The bar actually quietly opened LAST night with The John Pinamonti Band being the first performers to play the backroom. I don't think the new location and newish decor will change the heart of Freddy's. All the love and attention put into the bar to make it unlike any other by staff and friends of Freddy's shines through and I believe will bring them great success. Besides isn't it good luck to open on Chinese New Year? I guess Freddy's horoscope sign is the White Rabbit. Makes sense because the place sort of has an "Alice in Wonderland" vibe, you have to go to see what I mean, I am having trouble verbalizing what I mean!

Also! I just realized today is the 4th Anniversary of F.I.B! I held my first anniversary party at the old Freddy's and Les Sans Cullotes played that too as well as The Susquehanna Tool & Die Co. & the Anabolics! And an "Found in Brooklyn" themed art show on top of it all. Honestly I don't think there was any other place where I could of pulled that off so easily, Freddy's gave me the date and allowed me to run with it. Thanks Donald!

See you there!
Freddy's Bar: 627 5th Ave,between 17th and 18th Street in the South Slope.

Doors open at 5pm. Bands start at 9pm. The Magpie, Brute Force, Les Sans Cullotes.

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