Fulton Street

I have a fondness for close-out stores and wandered into this huge whacked out one on Fulton Street the other day. The ambiance? There were strips of newspaper all over the floor and distorted music played over the stereo. Among this island of misfit toys are hundreds of this Star Wars figurine, whom I have no idea is. I think they were 4 for a dollar. See that macrame looking belt sloped over the back? You can get EIGHT of them for a dollar and just as I was thinking "who would buy this?", I saw a lady snap that bargain up. I also found this new thrift store with an ESCALATOR right next store to Macy's. It's called UNIQUE and everything is sized, organized and cheap. I didn't get any clothes but I did score a Nina Hagen album for 99 cents.


yowillyjj said...

Is that Jabba the Hut?

Lisanne said...


Goggla said...

Oh my, this is one of the best things I've ever seen!