Nancy Drew

Fresh Meat
Nancy Drew is one of the artists that has participated in the "Found in Brooklyn" Group Show at Freddy's Backroom.

Nancy Drew's medium is GLITTER and FLOCKING. What is flocking, you may ask? Flocking is soft and fuzzy, sort of like velvet but more like the stuff that carnival prizes are made of. This piece is part of her “Porn” series, entitled “Fresh Meat”. From a few feet away it looks like a colorful, sparkly abstract but up close it is much more complex. Composed of the women and words from VHS porn boxes and rendered in candy colors, Nancy Drew makes the women on the boxes look as comical as the copy in a brilliant way.

Click on this link here to see much more of this series.

Nancy Drew’s glitter fabulous paintings have been in many group shows throughout NYC and she is represented by Roebling Hall Gallery in NYC where she will be having her third solo show this year.

I’ll let you know when!

In the meantime, check out Nancy's work and others (many who I will be featuring, so stay tuned) this month at Freddy's Backroom from 11am to 4am, 7 days a week!

Freddy's Bar & Backroom
located at:
485 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
phone: 718.622.7035
That's the corner of Dean Street and 6th Avenue in Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

Hooba hooba!! Although I must note with a connoisseur's eye-- two of them in fact-- that Mizz Drew's wonderful work is not wholly representative of the choice available to bottom lovers, male & female, on the streets or in wacky world of SMUT-- especially of the quasi-amateur or ethnic variety.

Still, all praise to both the artist (for my peep show token Mizz Drew makes those images sexier than they "really" are) & the curator-- bottoms up, ladies!

this broad's for you,

Miss Assville '79