Earth Day or His Community's Health ($$$) Means Nothing to Councilman Bill DeBlasio

SUPERFUND ME! A nice big hunk of Gowanus Raw Sewage!

Bill DeBlasio has finally publicly declared that he is against the EPA's nomination of the Gowanus Canal as a Superfund site. No one is the community is surprised, I can't remember the last the man has been seen at a community meeting, oh yeah I can! He said his spiel about affordable housing (irregardless of the enviromental consequences) and left before listening to his community! While I haven't looked on his schedule I am sure Councilman Bill DeBlasio is probably doing some Earth Day photo op activities with children for a few minutes today. It's all smoke and mirrors, who cares about scientific data and longterm health when the Toll Brothers can surface clean the canal for less money and time.

For more info read the excellent blog Pardon Me For Asking's post "Councilman DeBlasio Advocating For Developers, Not For His Constituents" here and a scathing proclamation of disappointment from C.O.R.D here!


We are in the midst of the 60 day comment period for the public to have their say about whether the Gowanus should be cleaned up by the Federal Government (should be a no brainer) and I urge you to send your comments. Write down your experiences, send photos, make it personal, maybe the EPA will be more sympathetic than our non existent councilman has.

You can find the form here.

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Unknown said...

I can't believe DeBlasio is running for Public Advocate. He should be running out of town! I have never met ONE person who thought he worked in the public interest.