Stupendous Sunsets & Sand Castles

Outstanding workmanship! The symmetry was amazing and the detail!!! Steps! Gothic Style Windows! Flying Buttresses! And of course the beach, the water was divine. As I have said before, who needs the Hamptons and those annoying people that go there. Gimme Coney!

P.S- When you visit be sure to stop by Coney Island USA and see the Side Show (I did!) or visit the museum or have a beer at the fab Freak Bar where you just might herar live xylophone music by Fisherman as I did yesterday. Always something going on there so check the schedule.

Also! The FOUR DAY Rockabilly Festival is still going on at Cha-Cha's Bar. Checkitout!


Plow to Plate said...

And it's right in our back yard! A real "the best things in life are free"!!! Let's hope the City and Developers don't spoil this Brooklyn treasure.

wynsters the tigress said...

one of the BEST things about brooklyn :-)

deborah matlack said...

Awesome shots! I think the sand castle was created by William Petrosino. I met him recently but not had the opportunity to see one of his finished works of art. Amazing.

Lisanne said...

Thanks for the info Deborah, we were walking along the shore at the end of the day toward Coney and literally stumbled upon it...the artist was not around, and i hope it was left alone for a good long time. It was truely magnificant!

Thanks for the compliment also, from such a fab photographer as your self I am quite chuffed...check out deborah's site people!!!