Chained to the Bar * !Freddy's Bar Patrons Revolt Against Ratner * Sunday at Noon!

This is what eminent domain looks like.

This just in from Freddy's Bar and Backroom.

Due to ever increasing threats to the stability of Freddy’s bar in light of the Arena project, recent court decisions, an overwhelming number of Freddy's patrons desire to chain themselves to the bar if Scrooge Ratner and Grinch Paterson's Atlantic Yards Project attempts to shutdown and demolish Freddy's Bar and Backroom.

This Sunday, we are installing chains & shackles onto the Bar itself for just such a purpose.

We are hoping for a big turn-out from the press and TV when these puppies go on @ NOON on Sunday the 20th. I know you might be hung over...but please try to be in attendance to show your support, NO ONE will be chained yet since the threat is impending but not immediate. If you do have an extra set of hand-cuffs you can bring and donate PLEASE DO SO (for potential future use and to show that we are serious) we’ll even put your name on them.

With the coming of this Christmas everyone should be concerned with New York State and Governor Paterson’s capacity to hand privately-owned property over to corporations for profit. It is a disturbing trend that casts an ominous shadow over all of our futures in this country. Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, or the Ghost of Christmas Future, is intended to represent the uncertainty of the future:

Scrooge queries the ghost: “answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?”
Still the Ghost pointed downward to the grave by which it stood.
“Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me!”

What is it that the Courts are showing us regarding the power of our own Scrooges?
In light of the recent decision against Columbia University and the Empire State Development Corporation’s attempt to steal properties by eminent domain, and the confusion in the Courts that seems to allow taking Brooklyn properties for Ratner, but not Harlem properties for Columbia…we are angry. We are giddy for the victory against Columbia, but angry that our neighborhood can be taken, that our bar can be taken. We will stand in support of the Prospect Heights neighborhood, and the extended neighborhood of 5000+ supporters who have donated time and money to fight against eminent domain.

We believe the links of the chain represent all the individuals unbreakably locked in a chain gang seeking fair rights for the individual in the contemporary flurry of land-grabbing corporate greed.

The Backroom at Freddy’s Bar was the birthplace of this particular rebellion for fair treatment, the front room is where we bring out the hardware to back it up.

The Chain will officially be installed on Sunday, December 20th at 12:00 noon.

So while we install the chains, trying to fend off the mess that afflicts New London, Connecticut because of the abuse of eminent domain, we look to New York’s courts to rectify these injustices.

Afterall, ‘tis the season, and judges must enjoy the holiday spirit like the rest of us.


Freddy's Bar is located at the corner of 6th and Dean Streets.

Be there Sunday at noon, bring handcuffs if you have them!

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