Coney Island Film Festival 10th Anniversary this weekend! Brooklyn Boy Darren Aronofsky Honored!

The Coney Island Film Festival  held at the fab Coney Island USA on Surf Avenue is one of the most unique film festivals in the world. The location of the festival, put together yearly by the talented Rob Leddy, is condusive to the fun spirit of the festival. As the press release says, "The festival's ties to carny culture are undeniable."

I highly recommend going to the kick off opening party as I have for the past four years. For 25 bucks you get to see the opening films, be entertained by the finest burlesque and sideshow entertainers in the USA and partake in a buffet and open bar which is also included. The films shown at the Coney Festival run the gamut; humor, oddities, shock, horror and films that take place in Coney are prevelant but you never know what you might see! A few of the programs are already sold out, and at 6 bucks a program that is not surprising.

And dig this! On Sunday, September 26th at 5pm inside the Coney Island Museum, the festival organizers will honor South Brooklyn born auteur Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, Pi). Immediately following the ceremony, the festival will screen Aronofsky's harrowing masterpiece Requiem for a Dream.

Click here to see what is playing when and get your advanced tickets! For 45 clams you can go to the opening party AND see all the movies (except for Saturday nights screening of the Warrior's which you also do not want to miss!) You will also find info about how to get there and other stuff to do in the area if you haven't been.

Coney Island USA :  1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn, NY, Coney Island!
TIckets can also be bought on the day of screening and can be purchased at The Coney Island USA Gift Shop/Box Office -718-372-5159.

F.I.B coverage of Coney Island Film Festival gone by are here.

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