A Tiny Taste of Freddy's Opening Night

I think I have just about recuperated from last weekend's opening of Freddy's new home on 5th Avenue. My photos came out blurry and all I have is about 13 seconds of spirited dance floor footage during Les Sans Cullotes's set before someone actually took me DOWN. Yes. And I have the scratches down the entire side of my body to prove it!

I also went on Superbowl Sunday and saw a fab all girl punk/metal band called Out of Order from Queens. They played during half time. Wish I thought to recharge my camera that day. The image of them playing with that ridiculous half time show behind them was priceless. Anyway loved them, I'll take them over the Black Eyed Peas any old day.

It's mellowed out since Saturday. They open at 11am, ample time to stop by and hang out without the maddening crowd.

Check out their list of events at the website and make a point of watching Donald O'Finn's new Freddy's video, it's brilliant. All that here.

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kitty said...

viva la freddy's!