Erase you

How shocked was I when I read in the "Daily News" this morning that one of the MTA workers who is indicted for bilking money from workman's compensation is the drummer from ESG!Although Valerie Scroggin is more infamous than famous, it is always weird when you read a news story like this. Who knew she was a bus driver? I saw ESG open for the "The Clash" AND "The Gang of Four" in thee olden days and remember their music being constantly played on WNYU and at Danceteria. "Erase you" is a pretty hot tune....In the past couple years as the kids have become interested in early 80's dance music they had made a comeback and even played here in Brooklyn at Southpaw. Her lawyer is still saying that her arm is lame even though she can play drums and is unable to drive a bus. The fact that the MTA had investigators attend ESG concerts in Dublin and Amsterdam reminds me of one of many episodes of "Dragnet"! (You know like the one where Officer Joe Friday goes to a party where "The Chocolate Watchband" are playing to break up the LSD ring?) They took pictures with her, got her autograph and even said "She's pretty good!" I hope her arm really is lame because lying is bad for your karma man....Read the "official" story here.

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