Word to your Mother (Happy Mother's Day!)

Here's some premade art that has been attached to a wall along Carroll Street. They even attached an old woodblock to the wall. In my attempt to decipher these I think it says "Gorber Museum Quality". Then of course there is "Erupyo", maybe it is one of those serious French grafitti artists doing a shout out to Europe.


JustCurious said...

Hello on a beautiful Sunday.
Could it be ERUPTO? Anyway, it is Goreb Museum Quality. Its some guy named Gore B. out of Red Hook, I think. I don't know if its his web site, but there is mention of him on
Nice find!

Lisanne McT said...

Yeah, it could be Erupto!
I couldn't find anything about Goreb Museum Quality, I am just wondering why the heck he decided to paste his woodcut or linoleoum cut to the wall on Carroll Street!