Got me them Carroll Gardens Blues....

I've been out of town. I was down in Memphis with a side trip to Oxford, Mississippi for a wedding. Life is easy down there. Rent is cheap and the music is great.The wedding was a two day affair in Mississippi with plenty of blues, bourbon and BBQ. I made it to Graceland, Sun Studios, the Stax Soul museum, the Lorraine Motel (where Reverend King was assassinated) and William Faulkner's house.I went to several wild parties at the home of a blues musicologist/archivist who only pays $350.00 a month for a beautiful place with a huge front porch with a swing. Everyone seemed to be an artist or a musician,just like NY in the old days.Too bad it's in the south! I'd be there in a second...although I wasn't gone long it seems that the depressing luxury condo/apartment developments continue at a maddening pace,will it ever end?! (Not till the last piece of land is built upon I suppose)Who the hell is going to live in these places...urggghhhhhh....Well, an anti-development movement is organizing, and we all need to spread the word. A high-rise monstrosity by everyone's favorite developer Scarano at the Carroll St. train station is in the works. Check out these two stories about what might be coming to the quiet end of Smith Street: Pardon Me For Asking and Gowanus Lounge.
P.S.-I forgot my battery charger for my camera, stay tuned for low-tech disposable camera photos of the south. This photo is from my phone on Beale Street, which is like the Bourban Street of Memphis.

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