Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today is Sunday and it's ending with a spectacular sunset. I am lazy like a cat today. Work yesterday was the equivalent of being the only waitress in a restaurant packed with 40 cranky needy customers (who are all over 65) and it's your first day and you don't know the menu or the how to work the cash register. Yes, it was not fun and am enjoying being in my home even though it's gorgeous out...I went out for a little while today, went up to the Court Street Fair. It was sort of mediocre this year, no semi-professional wrestling as in years past, I was a bit disappointed. I also checked out the new "Indie Market" on Smith. I wish them luck, nothing really screamed "BUY ME!" I think I am so over all this sort of twee craftsy fashion (and I am sort of artsy!) just too gentle for me, it sort if reminds me of hippies. I wish something normal and utilitarian and non "money" would open around here. I am annoyed that I looked for shoes in the neighborhood today (I should know better!) and all anyone had were Dankso clog sandals or $150.00 and up shoes. I DID score a cool red plastic bangle bracelet for 25 cents at a stoop sale so the day was not a complete bust! Yes it's the little things that keep me going sometimes.....

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