Blogging is sort of punk rock.

I know I am late to discover this but I am happy I did. NYC Bloggers is a fab resource to find other blogs throughout the five boroughs. Brooklyn isn’t the only place on earth y’know! The best feature of this site is that you can click on any stop on any subway line and see who is blogging in that area.

I’ve been thinking lately about this whole blog phenomenon. As someone who didn’t even READ a blog until about a year ago and am still trying to figure out what a RSS feed is, I write “Found in Brooklyn” with a pound of naiveté. Many years ago I used to write and self publish a punk rock fanzine. Blogging to me has been a natural progression as in the zine culture, there are NO RULES and it is free. I don’t know why I stopped writing but I am back baby!

The first issue of my zine was called “Rat Report”. I had difficulty sticking to a plan as I do today as the second issue was called “Bat Report” ”. All illustrations were done by moi. It was in the days before computer so it was handwritten with a thin sharpie and photocopied at my job. At the time I was working as a textile designer (at the tender age of 20!)for a very mainstream design house in the garment district. People always used to comment to me that I always seemed so intensely involved in my work. Meanwhile I was doing my zine! It was a free zine, which I would hand out at CBGB’s and also leave it at the infamous East Village zine store See Hear. In return I would get free admission to shows and free demo tapes and records from bands for a mention. I was satisfied with that.

Check out this page where I (I know it’s hard to read!) where I compare and contrast the changes in the punk scene. I complain that all the good shows are now in the suburbs and “commercialism is ruining the scene.” I have not changed that much (although now I listen to The Hollies rather than The Cromags!) Whether it’s commercialism or the development of luxury condos, it still makes me mad!

Anyway check out . NYC Bloggers and also the great Chelsea Hotel Blog. The Chelsea Hotel is in the midst of a corporate takeover. This blog covers it all in dignified Chelsea Hotel style. They are fighting the good fight against our city’s current trend of destroying anything remotely bohemian so please read it.


Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous illustrations, you should never have stopped...glad you are back! Perhaps you'll pick up the sharpie to entertain and infom us again???

DavidK. said...

Even if you don't pick up the Sharpie, you should definitely scan it and link to it on the site! For posterity, the historical record.

Lisanne McT said...

Thinking of digging through my old zines and doing a "Brooklyn" feature although most of this scene came out of Queens and the Lower East Side..go figure.

Brooklyn was Metal or Disco back then.

Bill said...

Looks to me like the Rat Report was EXACTLY the sort of zine that made me want to live in NYC back when I was in CT Casinoland...