Dog Days of Summer on Bond Street

Once upon a time some dogs ran free down Bond Street now there are a few penned in at Robert Scarano’s building site at 340 Bond Street. I received a tip from Brian from Who Walk in Brooklyn (a Brooklyn blog definitely like no other!) about these watchdogs. I checked it out this morning. First I noticed the signs but no dogs. I whistled and sure enough two of these cuties came running. If they were guarding the property they were the friendliest attack dogs I ever met (unless that is their ruse) they started to bark AFTER I left them…”come back, come back Lisanne”! Perhaps they were hungry? I hope not. I really do not know much about the security dog business. Since I am new to this whole world of construction sites, is this common? Will Scarano have dogs up in the heart of brownstone Carroll Gardens on his 360 Smith Street project or is this a Bond Street thang?Also, the cement wall that I have been seeing for more than a year has finally gotten surfaced, what do you think? Sort of reminds me of a museum.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that little building on the corner has held on for so long, it's so funny looking.

Brooklean said...

I can't wait to tour the inside of the bunker once it's built. For an eastern exposure that consists of 75+% concrete and small rectangular windows I'm sure it'll be interesting. Thankfully the Mill around the corner keeps it real still!