Latest Carroll Gardens "Developments"

Check out the CORD Blog (Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop) to find out the latest on what is happening with the building plans for 360 Smith Street. The lot has been cleared (not that was hard-it was a parking lot!)and the brownstone next door vacated. Apparantly the city says that 2nd Place is a wide street, if you know 2nd Place you know that it is EXTREMELY narrow, I guess the "gardens" of Carroll Gardens are considered part of the street...it's such a joke that they say it is "wide", if you are in a car it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass another car on that street! In fact it is even difficult to WALK by a car on that block.I recall that they were planning to put the entrance to the underground parking garage there. Yeah just what we need at the subway station, cars exiting and entering where there is heavy foot traffic on a narrow sidewalk. Brilliant.

I guestimate once all the Scarano buildings are done along with the lowrise condos on Bond Street & Third there will be over 500 new residents...uh ya think we could get a supermarket we can WALK to? Or is it assumed we will all go to Whole Foods which will be built long after these buildings go up!

Some thoughts on what they want to build on my end of the hood at 3rd Street and Bond. They will be building low rise condominiums, this is an "as a right " property as well. I was wondering if they have tested the toxic waste dump that they will be sitting on. I heard through the grapevine that clean up will be "minimal". I guess being a block away from the Whole Foods site (which has been sitting unbuilt upon for almost four years) makes the ground at 3rd & Bond Street ALOT different! I'm SURE the levels of cyanide, mercury, benzene, pesticides, V.O.C's & PCB's are MUCH lower! Can the sewage pipes handle the approximate 300 new residents to the block (90 units, I'm just guestimating) probrably not. I am told that they can barely handle the few homes and businesses down here as it is.

Ah well Bond Street will no longer be my "Tobacco Road" nothing lasts for ever....if anyone reading this is part of that "Friends of Bond" group contact me with what is going on, the people that organize it seem to be M.I.A , I'm feeling like a one man army.

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