Sabbra Cadabra Saturday at The Yard

I do believe this may be the first time Metal will be heard loudly around the Gowanus since my neighbor "Frog” moved out of the building about 5 years ago. Frog was a brooklyn boy who would crank the tunes and wax nostalgic about the old days when his hair was long, curly and flowing and he used to hang out at "Lamour’s” in Bay Ridge.

Anyway, if you are wandering around the canal on Saturday afternoon and hear “War Pigs” or “Fairies Wear Boots” tinkling through the breeze it’s not because Frog moved back in. It’s because “The Yard” is having a barbeque and Sabbra Cadabra “The World’s GREATEST Black Sabbath Cover Band” is providing the tunage!

The Rub which is a bunch of DJ's that spin hip hop, disco, funk and other dance oriented music are up the rest of the time.

It's Rock vs. Disco thirty years later in old Brooklyn town....I doubt blood will shed over it this time around though!

The Yard is located at 400 Carroll St. (between Nevins and Bond)
Doors open at 3pm
3 bucks.

BYOB AND your own BBQ!
What an incredible deal!

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who walk in brooklyn said...

THE WIZARD! now, of course you can't kill Ozzy, Tony, Geezer & Bill but... Brooklyn actually has a very HEAVY rock history it can call it's own, from Carmine Appice on down.

NIB, baby--