Found in Queens

We are still not done clearing out Oma's apartment in Flushing but we are getting closer. Look what I found in her medicine cabinet. Moist Spock or Captain Kirk towelette anyone? I had NO IDEA she was a trekkie!This is a picture I have known my entire life and my Mother has too, hence it's an oldie. My Mother doesn't like it because she has alway looked at it as the dog was missing a leg. The leg is there just very faint, no one else in my family wants it. I guess I'll be the one to take it. I think we are getting to the sad part now. We have been saving the pictures for last as it would be depressing being there with the bright spots on the walls that a picture leaves after being hung in the same place for years.What should I do? Take them because I know that she would probrably be pissed if we threw them out (guilt!) or not? By the way, this is another old picture she had hanging up forever.


DavidK. said...

I vote for taking them. Sure, you might not have a need for clown and dog paintings now, but if you don't, you will miss them. I know you're no sentimental sentimenter, but they do have a certain charm, imbued by your wonderful grandmother. Sorry I didn't comment on this earlier, but i hope I'm not too late in the decision.

And hey, if you do decide to get rid of these items, at least you can look at the tribute to your Oma on the blog.

Lisanne McT said...

Yeah, I've immortalized them in a way....I may take the dog painting ( i used to have a dog that sort of looked like it) but the clown has always just been just a TAD intense...just a tad.

DavidK. said...

I just woke up from a nightmare where I dreamed the sad clown came out of the painting. Luckily, just as he was going to drown me with his own tears, Mr. Woggles (name of the dog in the painting -- hey! hey! it may be your Oma's painting, but it's MY dream, awright???) -- now where was I? Yes, yes, Mr. Woggles comes out of the shadows and tackles the clown, saving me from the waterboarding.

Okay, I have to stop eating chocolate-covered pretzels before bed. And vodka. Gotta cut down on the vodka. A little.

Seriously, I applaud your decision on the paintings, Ms. FIB.