F.I.B "Exclusive"!

Ha Ha! I just had to say that. There are blogs out there who think they have "exclusives", duh! Anyone is welcome to see this, photograph it and talk about it cause F.I.B ain't like that! Anyway, I know it's been about 3 years since this neck of Bond Street has been free to park (Between Carroll & President) at as I know because I sold my car 2 years ago and was PISSED that this block was blocked off by Scarano's scaffolding. Can you imagine? FOR THREE YEARS THIS WHOLE BLOCK HAS BEEN BLOCKED WITH DUMPSTERS AND SCAFFOLDING! It's still not done but as you can see, this place has a couple of garage doors. It took a long time as for the most part the mighty Gowanus interfered with the construction of the underground parking garage as the ground is soft around here and when it rains for some reason everyone's basement floods. It's my "exclusive" report to you!! Enjoy! Isn't it fascinating?!


Swan, WWIB said...

INTENSE reporting, FIB!

Q: how many '70s station wagons and redone basements had to be pilfered to get that much faux-wood panelling?

Transportation Editor
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Katia said...

Here is my "exclusive" comment:
This Scarano building looks like a house of detention. Those windows are just the pits and the wood fa├žade will look so junky in just a few years.