Spring Flowers along the Gowanus

A gratuitous Spring photo sorry ya had to look at that drawing of George Bush for so many days, I love Drew Friedman but there are so many BETTER images to put on a promo card...but I digress. Think good thoughts F.I.B readers as my cat Neptune is having some eye problems.
I wish he could tell me what happened and he's hating me right now for putting him in a headlock over 10 times a day to administer various drops of antibiotics and cleansers. Put him in your prayers for me, O.K?
His brother is pretty distraught and has been by his side throughout, he already only has one tooth, I hope he'll be able to hold onto that beautiful green eye. They were calling him "Rocky Balboa" at the vets office last night. He's looking pretty scrappy but he is still all lovey dovey so I guess that's a good sign.


Katia said...

Oh, no...Is he the shy one or the really cuddly one who draped himself around my arm?
I hope he will be feeling better soon.

Lisanne McT said...

Thanks..Neptune is the uber affectionate one, a total love bomb.

Katia said...

That's for sure. I had never met a cat like yours before.

amarilla said...

Sorry about your cat, I hope he recovers soon. In the meantime tell him I think he looks fabulous, and he doesn't have to wear sunglasses for my benefit.