One of the Strangest Corners in Brooklyn

And I love it!!!!


Michael said...

Great photo!

Where is it, I thought I could figure it out, I just can't read the sign?

Lisanne McT said...

This is the intersection of Bay Parkway and McDonald Avenue, where the tombstones come right up to the very edge of the sidewalk and there is this fabulously perfect Adam's Family-esque house which you would think was built in the Victorian era but was built in the early 1900's.

Anyway it's just steps from the F train Bay Parkway stop, I love how it looks like the subway steps lead right into the house at this angle!

sk said...

nice photographs... i love paintings and to analyse people/things the way they are..

interestingly i see something similar in your profile..

anyways..congrats on being selected as the BLOG OF NOTE.