"Gowanus Transformations" & "Brooklyn Blog Fest" happen on Thursday Night.

I mentioned this before but I want to remind people that this exhibit opens tomorrow night at the Brooklyn Historical Society. FROGG (Friends and Residents of the Greater Gowanus) members Christine Mackellar and Margaret Maugenest have curated this exhibit. It's a celebration of 150 years of manufacturing around the Gowanus. They spent some time canvassing the area interviewing and taking photographs of the many interesting businesses (special effects designers, bicycle makers, just to name a few) that are currently active in the Gowanus area.

There will be a walking tour with the curators on Saturday, June 21st from 2 to 4pm.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is located at 128 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Exhibit Dates: May 9- August 24th.
Opening Reception: May 8th, 5:30-7:30.


The Third Annual Brooklyn BlogFest is happening at the Brooklyn Lyceum. It's not just for bloggers, all are invited. All kinds of speakers and visual presentations. Food & Drink.

The Brooklyn Lyceum is at 441 Fourth Avenue at President Street. It starts at 8pm. Click here for details.

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Junius Van Sinderen, WWIB said...

Again, props to FROGG. One thing that struck me was they had a pretty damn accurate understanding of the area's history, from agricultural onwards...

... and unlike other people with some twisted interest in misrepresenting the past and present, are well aware of the fact that manufacturing never ceased, although the goods and scale of the operations change over time.

Lastly-- and this is not a challenge to, or criticism of FROGG at all, just a general history issue-- i DEFY anybody reading this to explain to me, how, as Community Board 6 & a some others who echoed the error without thought-- has it, the Gowanus Canal "opened" or was "finished" in 1848...

In conclusion, FROGG rules, although I wish the Brooklyn Historical Society library actually answered their e-mail once in a while. (It is WELL past 4-6 weeks, fam.)

Junius Van Sinderen
Who Walk In Brooklyn