First Ride of the Season on the Cyclone....

Opening weekend at Coney drew lots of people out with the great weather today. The Cyclone is all painted (and up to 8 bucks a ride!) and fresh. Sad to see Astroland closed and barricaded and the strip where Ruby's, Lola Starr, Shoot the Freak etc. all barracaded with "For Rent" signs, so stupid. What's open you ask? The kiddie park, the Wonder Wheel, The Cyclone, The area around the Wonder Wheel, Nathan's, Cha Cha's, the strip of food joints across the way from Nathan's & Cha Cha's and various businesses on Surf Ave. Coney Island USA was not open yet. A shame to see the crowds with such limited places to go to. The beach of course is there and F.I.B took a nice walk down to the Brighton Beach end, handball courts all full. The Coney Island History Project was open this weekend and will be opened regularly starting Memorial Day promising lots of new exhibits this season and it's always free!

*Photo taken with my camera phone...still camera-less!


the eternal worrier said...

Whenever you mention Coney I always think of one of my favourite movies ‘The Warriors.’ I loved that film so much when I was younger. Has the wheel still got the 'Wonder' on it?

Lisanne McT said...

The Wonder Wheel is still there and running strong!

The Warrior's rule!!!