Say "YES" to the Gowanus Canal Superfund!

We will hopefully be seeing a lot of this logo around the Gowanus and hopefully ALL of Brooklyn pretty soon.

We need to let the Mayor and other nay sayers know that there are people who support the EPA’s designation of the Gowanus District as a Superfund Site and believe that this is the most effective program to achieve a clean Gowanus in accordance with the highest environmental and safety standards.

Help get the word out!

1.Drag the image off the screen.
2.Print it.
3.Hang it in the window of your house or car.

If you wish to wear it on a T-shirt or on a bag click here and for a plainer cheaper version here.

And of course, please participate in the comment period here.

*Logo designed by Anna Martin.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how organized this is. THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to whomever designed the logo. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Great Logo. It is now in my window and has replaced my "no atlantic yards" sign.
If Toll gets to build there should be a PR campaign: welcome to Love Canal II.
Paul (parkslopeneighbors)

Anonymous said...

There are 3 posters so far on my little block, Hoyt between Sackett and Union.