The "Fightin' Freddy's" Declare Eminent Domain Smackdowns!

Freddy's is not going down without a fight!

F.I.B passed by Freddy's as a 9 foot guillotine constructed of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans symbolically decapitated Eminent Domain in a suit. Manager Donald O'Finn spoke as did the grim reaper who questioned the cold war and called Bruce Ratner a "traitor to the country" by collaborating with one of the richest men in Russia to "take Americans from their homes". A dapper Gangs of New York style Undertaker declared "bar vs. banks" smackdowns coming to a "corner near you" before the decapitation.

Stay tuned for smackdown schedules


Chris said...

Intelligent opposition is the worst nightmare of government and corporations who want to use eminent domain.

Private property owners facing eminent domain learn that they are not standing on a level playing field legally, economically or politically.

But property owners can fight back as the Brooklynites are demonstrating. Our two-year battle against Houston-based Spectra Energy which seized our property rights for an underground gas storage field led to the development of a website which has begun to attract whistle blowers inside the energy industry. We are collaborating and helping property owners in many states. For info, visit the site: http://www.spectraenergywatch.com/blog/

Like Kelo, the ripple effects of eminent domain are never over.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that we had a "Cold War" against the Russians for decades and never anything really happened. Now there is no "Cold War" and a Russian billionaire is able to wreak havoc and terrorize the community with the blessing of the system and the Courts. Time we saw power structure for what it really is - a manipulative weapon that creates illusions. like the "Cold War", and goes about its business as usual where Money seems to Rule. I say "seems" because intelligence and awareness are fighting back and revealing the "Emperor's New Clothes". "Pwer to the People" does not ring hollow when I see what AY opponents have been able to do. It is inspiring.