Care About NYC's Water Supply?

Friends of F.I.B, Sabine Aronowski and Steve DeSeve continue to cover fracking, an gas extraction process which endangers our reservoirs and watersheds where we get our drinking water.

The filmmakers' description:

"Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse (FBR) presents excerpts from several recent NYC hearings and rallies on the controversial proposal to allow Gas Drilling in NY State using the highly toxic "Fracking" gas extraction process. The show focuses on New Yorkers asking the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Governor Patterson to scrap their plans to allow Hydraulic Fracturing in NY State, especially since the gas extraction process endangers our reservoirs and watersheds. Given the environmental track record of "Fracking" in other states, there are many calls for a Statewide ban. The show includes interviews with Carl Arnold of Chenago Delaware Ostego Gas (CDOG) and Laura Sheinkopf of SWiM (the Safe Water Movement), and footage from the NYC City Council Hearing and the DEC's NYC Hearing on their Environmental Impact Statement on proposed gas drilling in the NYC watershed and beyond. Additional footage from Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringers' "Kill the Drill" rally."

The filmmakers urge everyone to go here to sign the petition, deadline is December 31!

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LoveCanal2020 said...

There is another petition that people really need to consider signing, and that is the one to ask Governor Paterson to withdraw the SGEIS report done by the Department of Environmental Conservation on gas drilling. This report has fatal flaws, least of which is the language of the report that merely states drillers "should" adhere to different recommendations, rather than "shall" adhere to regulations. It is a crucial first step to get this report withdrawn so that new studies can be done, and enough proof can be gathered to force better regulations on gas drilling in case it can not be banned outright. Please go to:

And sign the letter, or write to Governor Patterson and submit a letter via snail mail.

Thanks for posting this on your blog, and I hope Brooklynites will consider helping our neighbors to the North, who need our support and action!