"Occult Gathering" : The Day After...

As I mentioned my cape was at the dry cleaners so I couldn't attend the occult gathering in Brooklyn Heights last night. It ends up it was raining with intense wind speeds but despite that my "informant" John M. checked out the scene and sent me this follow up photo. This is what he had to say;

"I went down to the promenade circle to see if there were any burned crosses or sacrificed goats... didn't find evidence of anything too sinister, but there were some loose pages scattered around... some writing about moon symbolism, all waterlogged. i gathered a few copies to read over... kind of a nice text actually."

And I might add done in the same font as the original flyer.

We have another full moon on the Winter Soltice in 3 weeks, will there be another "Occult Gathering"?

Stay Tuned!

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