Suspicious Scalfolding Going Up Around Original Dodgers Stadium on 3rd Avenue.

I don't want to be an alarmist but there is some suspicious scalfolding in the process of going up around the building owned by Con Edison on the corner of 3rd Avenue & 3rd street. I hope to God it is not getting ripped down. This is a HISTORICAL building! This structure was the original home of the Brooklyn Dodgers before they moved to Ebbets Field in 1913! This stadium was called "Washington Park" and it's left field wall is the wall that you see on 3rd Avenue Between 3rd and 2nd Streets.You can see in this photo the shape of the stadium style windows which might of been open back in the day.

A distraught friend of mine has been calling around to no avail to find out what the deal is. The landmarks commission is on vacation this week and apparantly this is a popular time of year for things to get ripped down that shouldn't.

Please comment or email me if you know anything.

*Read more about the history of Washington Park at Forgotten New York blog.


Anonymous said...

Has the EPA included this property on their Superfund list? That's the only way to stop development in Gowanus.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that Con Ed is demolishing some of the vacant buildings on the property but will retain the wall. Even though apparently it is not as historic as once thought.

Anonymous said...

8:52 what the crap are you talking about? You don't make sense. And I'm only responding to you to make sure that people know your comment is not reality-based, and is non-sequitor.