Fairey Visits Gowanus

Shepard Fairey or one of his minions has recently paid a visit to the Union Street Bridge. Anyone know how long this has been up? I saw it for the first time last night.

He has been in town for his big May Day show at Deitsch Projects in Manhattan and to cover the wall on Houston Street that used to have that big Keith Haring mural. Honestly, I haven't been following it. I never really liked Fairey until I saw him in a skateboarding documentary and he seemed surprisingly unpretentious and true to his beliefs and was into hardcore punk in the 80's so naturally I liked him. He is for the people. I also like that he does his images by hand stencil, he doesn't use a computer.

ANYWAY. I am no art critic.

Frequent F.I.B contributor David Kaplan actually had a conversation with Fairey on the street a few weeks ago in front of that wall (what a schmoozer!). You can read all about Fairey's battle with the Associated Press over his Obama/Hope image in David's interview here.

This is the perfect moment to mention that David's lovely wife, Cat Weaver, has a new art related blog, focusing on the business end, called The Art Machine...The Art Machine!


Cat said...

Ha: so nice to see it. I tweeted your post.

It's some schmancy stuff.

You should have given some of the wrinkles a little poke to see if it was dried yet. Plooshiness would equal freshness.

Lisanne said...

Yes very schmancy...I think it might of been there for a day tops. It looked like someone tried to peel a corner off or else it might of been buckling.

I was quite surprised to see it!T-O had a piece on that site that was up for years...

secretoutofthebag said...

I remember living in Soho in the late 70's, and Keith Haring would put up his crawling babies everywhere. Look at Soho now. Yep, I liked Haring's crawling babies, and I like Fairey's grahics, but I don't like Soho now and would hate for Gowanus to be that kind of scene, ever! What do do?

Lisanne said...

Yeah while I like the image, it's true, the secret is out of the bag. Is Gowanus becoming too trendy
for these days? The Yard will bring in bigger swarms of hipsters for sure this summer, the sheer amount of articles, from the environmental to the fashiony, written on the area since superfunding is too hard to keep track of anymore.

Will FIB be forced to move to Far Rockaway now?