Memorial Weekend *Free*dom

Memorial Day weekend. If I had a yard myself I would be lying in a lounge chair sipping a refreshing beverage but since I live in an apartment in Brooklyn I'm not.
In honor of all our dead veterans I would like to say BRING OUR TROOPS HOME! Enough have died already (4400in Iraq to be exact).

The world feels like it's spinning off it's axis and I know you are all feeling it too. Wars, Earthqaukes, Oil spills, Floods, Recession (depression?)budget cuts for education, libraries closing down and the list goes on. On the bright side, it is in hard times such as these creative thinking and resourcefulness often flourishes. A prime example of this would be the swap meet at the Yard that F.I.B attended over the weekend.

This was not a flea market, this was a FREE market! And F.I.B hauled home a bunch of high quality merch.

What did I get? Since shopping confessions are all the rage on YouTube, I know you want to know!

I took away:

1. A RCA dvd player. It works and is the newest looking appliance in my house, all slim and black and shiny. Crazy how that is already outdated to someone!
2. Two pairs of Levi's that actually fit
3. A really nice drinking glass
4. An elegant crystal paper weight that is also a magnifiying glass
5. A stunning black and white print silk Liberty of London top

Hard to believe folks gave these things up! But then again I saw people fighting over a pumpkin orange leather jacket from the 70's that sat in my closet for three years untouched(which was found on 3rd Street in Park Slope. Was it yours once?) validating that old cliche about one's trash being anothers treasure.

While at the swap I stepped back and watched and was blown away by the quietness of the crowd. These freegans were FOCUSED!

This idea was brilliant. We have so much STUFF we don't want, when things get put to the curb they just go to the landfill, Knowing and actually seeing that your unwanted goods go to some one who appreciates them is awesome. What remained at the swap meet got donated to charity and all textiles were recycled.

Kudos to the Yard for hosting this fab event.


Rachel said...

Nice finds!
The 2 pair of jeans alone make it worthwhile! Wish I knew of this sooner. Nice job!

Rasheda said...

This is an awesome post! I've never heard of the event and after reading this post, feel like i missed out on something quite special. Will stay tooned for upcoming FREE Market events! Your blog rocks!