Old News but Freddy's Last Night Was Really on Saturday.....

These boots were made for stomping on Bruce Ratner!!!
I think I am sort of still in the denial stage. Yes I know that Freddy's was on shakey ground. And yes I know most of the neighborhood had left or been knocked down for Atlantic Yard blight but for some reason it was just so hard to imagine Freddy's actually closing down forever. I know I know, it was a "victory" party because they are going to move and continue the "grand idea" of Freddy's but is still unreal to me...probably because Freddy's was so "real". F.I.B had a first anniversary show at Freddy's about 3 years ago. Funny, the next couple years passed with no notice but for some reason that year I was all hot to party. There was a "Found in Brooklyn" art show and a bunch of great bands played (Les Sans Cullotes, The Anabolics, The Susquehanna Tool & Die Co., read my gushing blog post recap here. Y'know Freddy's still had the poster up for that show in the backroom on their last night and it is now hanging in my livingroom. Anway I knew all along that Fred's was really closing on Saturday, the media was all over the story (myself included if you consider "media") and the management wanted a night a little less crazed as a send off. Although "the management" worked their asses off all night and looked utterly worn out, it was a fine retrospective of many of Freddy's best musical acts...anyway I think 24 bands played. I got home at dawn and my camera died at about midnight. Spirited videos to come.

Daniel Goldstein was in the mosh pip for the Spunk Lads that evening..
The Saudi Agenda
This wall will soon be no more.



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Lulu said...

I think Ratner would enjoy getting stomped on by those white go-go boots - better come up with a REAL punishment for him. For sure there is a circle in hell waiting for him - he won't have to use eminent domain to get it, either.