"The Jazz Stripper" on Thursday at Coney

As it is getting warm, naturally my thoughts start turning to Coney and low and behold when I checked the haps on the Coney Island USA website I saw that they are kicking off the season in their usual inimitable style. I am psyched for another great summer and look forward to seeing the new Luna Park amusement area which opens on Saturday BTW but anyway.....this one is too good not to mention and it needs mentioning because it is happening waaaaaaaaaaaaay out in Coney Island on a Thursday night, this is an event that will draw one of the most interesting crowds that perhaps will ever mingle..burlesque devotees and Neil Diamond fans!

From the press release:

Brooklyn is famous for many things: hipsters, a bridge or two, the Dodgers - and of course, Neil Diamond. On Thursday, May 27th, Sweet and Nasty Burlesque brings THE JAZZ STRIPPER to Coney Island's Burlesque At The Beach for a night of tassel-twirling tributes to the greatest singer-songwriter ever to come out of Kings County.

THE JAZZ STRIPPER will feature old favorites, new surprises, the return of the Neil Or No Neil trivia contest - and a special finale tribute to Mr. Diamond, as only Coney Island can do it. So turn on your heartlight, thank the Lord for the night time, and travel down those Brooklyn roads with Nasty Canasta and Sweet and Nasty Burlesque: Creamy Stevens, Gal Friday, Sapphire Jones, Bastard Keith and Tigger! will make you a believer at THE JAZZ STRIPPER, a Diamond-studded night of burlesque on Coney Island

Neil or No Neil Trivia?! It is a MUST see!
Starts at 9pm- 10 dollar admission

Burlesque at the Beach
Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Go to Coney Island USA to see all the other fab events happening. There is more burlesque on friday and a screening of the film, Escape from New York on Saturday. Five bucks includes free popcorn.

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