Freddy's Last Friday Ever

Episode #1: Donald, Part 1 of 2 from The Tavern on Vimeo.

Yes I know. I know. F.I.B seems to be very Freddy's centric lately but that is because it will not exist (in it's present location-thank you Bruce Ratner, Empire State Development Corporation, Mayor Bloomberg, Marty Markowitz,that shady Russian guy and the evil powers of EMINENT DOMAIN)after tonight.

This video is the first in the series called from a group called The Tavern called Bartender New York. Episodes 1 and 2 feature Freddy’s bartender and manager Donald O’finn.

Funny, F.I.B art directed a film called The Tavern back in the day, you may have seen it on HBO at 3am, many of my personal belongings were used as set decoration on this low budget flick..but i digress, check out other episodes here.

If you don't know where Freddy's is by now...there is no need to know, cause there needs to be room for the regulars.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lisanne, afraid that's the future for Brooklyn, my favorite borough. Just look at what happened to Manhattan.

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog way back in Feb. You like the abstracts??!! Weird, I get most comments on other sites with those as well. Maybe I'll start on a new path. Didn't think anyone ever looks at them, much less comments! Just saw it now, thanks again FOB!!!!