Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse Film Screening Saturday

Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse (FBR) was conceived at Freddy’s bar as a BCAT and MNN public access TV show in March 2006. The show’s purpose has always been to provide a forum for the community’s voice, which had no say in the Atlantic Yards project in Prospect Heights , Brooklyn, and to win the fight to demand community input for the local Brooklyn neighborhood, businesses and residents, and to s to p dubious, wasteful, & unsustainable over-development and eminent domain abuse. For the past 5 years FBR has strived to turn the train of eminent domain around by focusing on community leaders, artists, musicians and activists from Brooklyn all against Atlantic Yards. Roundhouse refers to a circular building for housing and switching locomotives, and lent itself nicely to the community’s desire to turn things around. Since its conception FBR has grown to cover other local & national issues threatening everyone’s civil liberties. Issues range from the use of Special Administrative Measures (SAM’s) to incarcerate and to rture U.S. citizens here in NYC, to corporate industrial threats to our water supply; bridging borough, city-wide and national to pics that infringe upon everyone’s constitutional rights and threaten our communities placing these to pics in to local his to rical context and tunneling in to action.

We hope you will join us this Saturday as we say farewell to Freddy’s bar and give thanks to our media endeavors that sprang from Freddy's wondrous backroom."

The screening starts at 8:00 pm!

Freddy's is at the corner of 6th Avenue and Dean.


Lisanne! said...

That's so disgusting! I hate eminent domain and find it inexplicable that a few years back the liberal judges of Supreme Court gave local governments more parameters for its use.

Eminent Domain should have been eradicated a long time ago. We've lost so much history because of it.

bobbo said...

Down the memory hole, I guess.

Yesterday, there was a report that Freddy's was closing May 1. Now, the text is changed without explanation.

So was the original story wrong or right?

Lisanne said...

It is closing on April 30th..more details to come.