Good Morning Gowanus

Taken at the break of dawn today.


Fred King said...

Wonderful Image! Thanks so much for this posting. This view gives us a different perspective on the Gowanus Canal.

cityofstrangers said...


Looks so peaceful. Nice.


Lisanne said...

Thanks...this is image pretty much sums up what I love about the Gowanus. It IS peaceful. I do not understand what is wrong with the idea of preserving this rather than thinking about what to build on the shores (people are already rallying now that they have accepted that the EPA is cleaning the area for the better)

anyway LOVE your blog City of Strangers, you will most definitely become a regular read. I lived on Clinton and Rivington in 1986 and I remember how the streets were...i walked down Clinton a couple weeks ago and it blew my mind..where is the salsa record store? Even the bodegas are gone!

Edward Willis said...

Just got back from Amsterdam, and this image appears to me an hommage to our matron city