700 new apartments along the Gowanus? Smells like SEWAGE to me. Please sign this petition!

This fugly project looks like it belongs in Dallas.
Once again the Gowanus community is up against a developer looking to make a fast buck in the name of "affordable housing" and "jobs". If approved this development will situate itself  on Bond Street between 2nd Street and Carroll Street in the same place as the Toll Brothers proposed to build their project which housed 200 LESS units than this. Toll Brothers abandoned the project when the EPA declared this a toxic waterway and designated it a Superfund site.
The developers, Lightstone Group, are using an Environmental Impact Statement or "EIS" from the days before it became a superfund site and have admitted at a CB6 land use meeting last week to be using non union workers. This is WRONG!
Please sign this petition and pass it on to anyone you know who cares about the environment, over development and profit over community concerns.
Sign the petition here.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Ugh. A depressing prospect. What do you make of the CB6 vote?

Lisanne said...

It was a JOKE! The CB6 meeting was overcrowded and the board members really didnt seem to know about what they were voting on. Very confusing and depressing on that these are the people that make local decisions.

In the end I think their decision doesnt really mean much and its up to city planning which is equally depressing.

Its is amazing how the fact that this is project is putting people on toxic land and exposing people who live around it to whoknowswhat doesnt seem to faze anybody who is involved.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

I couldn't believe it was a unanimous vote, though I suppose I'm just naive. This all seems crazy.