Gowanus Area During and After Hurricane Sandy

Looking up 3rd Street at a submerged 3rd Street bridge.
 I was too scared to leave my apartment on Bond Street on the night Sandy hit but my friend and fellow Bond Street neighbor Ed Woodham wasn't. All these evening hurricane photos were taken by him in the area around Bond Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets. 
Car floating on 3rd Street Bridge. No sign of a driver.   
Photo Ed Woodham
Looking down a flooded 2nd Street toward the Gowanus Canal.    
Photo Ed Woodham
Looking out of a Bond Street building toward 3rd Street.     
Photo Ed Woodham
 Looking from a Bond Street building toward 2nd Street.   
Photo Ed Woodham
The water recedes and the leaves it's aftermath on Bond Street.  
photo Ed Woodham
Bond Street and 2nd Street this morning.
1rst Street at Bond Street.
Bond Street was littered with logs!
The logs seemed to have been pushed to Bond Street when the waters breached from this 1rst Street lot on the shore of the canal.
Although the canal sort of looked pretty with this psychedelic rainbow slick....
it made the air smell like gas today. This water is full of toxic poisons and we were VERY lucky we didn't get heavy rains last night as the water would not have receded so quickly with the tides. On the night of the storm surge up Bond Street I looked out my window and was so frightened when I saw large objects floating up the street. Next time I might evacuate. I was considered "Zone B" even though I was about 20 feet from "Zone A". Today basements are flooded and the streets are full of potentially toxic debris. We really don't know the health risks of being in contact with this water, which is a very good point on why building a huge 700 unit apartment building on the shores of the Gowanus in a "Zone A"  evactuation area is a bad idea.

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