Sandbags along the Gowanus

The tide is extremely high tonight and the anticipated rain has not even started. The boats are swaying and anything that is in the canal is thrashing about. Houses in the Zone A areas did not really seem evacuated but precautions were being taken as far as putting tape on windows and sandbags on cellar doors
340-342 Bond Street waits for Hurricane Sandy at 9 PM on Sunday night. 
This Scarano condo building at 340-342 Bond Street had all it's doors fortified with sandbags.
Recently the Gowanus/Carroll Gardens community has learned that developer Lightstone Properties wants to build a 700 unit apartment building on this very block - directly on the shores of the Gowanus Canal in a CATEGORY A EVACUATION ZONE!
It makes me wonder.
Is this project about creating safe housing for people or really about developers making ruthless profit by putting people in harms way?
Building on a Federal Superfund Site seems like a bad idea to start but to also build in a flood plain in which the floods include raw sewage makes it even a worse idea. And to build in a place that right now is in the midst of a MANDATORY EVACUATION seems like a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA!
 In fact there was supposed to be a hearing about it tomorrow but it's been cancelled due to the hurricane!
Now is the time for our elected officials and City Planning to start opening up their eyes.
Climate change is real and we are living it now.
Click here to contact 39th District Councilman Brad Lander to voice your concern and here for City Planning.

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EC said...

I'm wondering who is paying government officials and the planning board to support this really, really bad idea.