Scenes from Gowanus Canal area at low tide today.

Lowtide on the Gowanus at noon is VERY HIGH.
A bit of video to for the full effect.
This is the lot in a Zone A evacuation area where the city thinks it's perfectly safe to build a 700 unit apartment complex. This will be completely flooded in a few hours.
A very HIGH low tide looking up toward 3rd Street from the Carroll Street Bridge. Future 700 unit apartment complex site on your right.

Ain't waterfront property grand?

Film business buses evacuating  parking lot at the Canal are filling up Bond Street. Maybe they will help to protect the houses a bit more from the anticipated storm surges?
Remember Halloween?

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onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks for the pictures. They certainly highlight the absolute madness of building an apartment complex here.
Hope you're dry & safe. Walked to the canal at 9th around noon & it was brimming.