"Gowanus Transformations"

FROGG (Friends and Residents of the Greater Gowanus) members Christine Mackellar and Margaret Maugenest have curated an exhibit that will open on May 8th at The Brooklyn Historical Society. The exhibit is called "Gowanus - Transformations" and it's a celebration of 150 years of manufacturing around the Gowanus. They spent some time canvassing the area interviewing and taking photographs of the many interesting businesses (special effects designers, bicycle makers, just to name a few) that are currently active in the Gowanus area.

There will be a walking tour with the curators on Saturday, June 21st from 2 to 4pm.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is located at 128 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Exhibit Dates: May 9- August 24th.
Opening Reception: May 8th, 5:30-7:30.

I will remind closer to the date!
AND speaking of Gowanus area businesses, I received this email from Makeville Studio about their new woodworking/D.I.Y studio which is open to the public. They've got the space and the powertools (jigsaws,bandsaws and all that fun stuff!) for you to make your OWN furniture and whatnots. PERFECT if you'd rather make your OWN bookcases rather than shelling out the money to IKRAPA oops I mean IKEA!They've got classes and workshops too!

Makeville Studio
119 8th St, Unit 208
Brooklyn NY 1121

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Junius Van Sinderen, WWIB said...

Peace to the FROGG-- my second favorite amphibian!! (First is coqui, that green frog sometimes on the Puerto Rican flag.)

It's very VERY important to recognize the labor-- and the labor struggles-- in our midst, in our past and what should be in our future too. History (which is to often say, LIES) is too often written by so-called winners, although it's only recently, with the advent of real estate blogs, etc. that the ignorance and idiocy of masses was, like, BROADCAST.

The full range of activity at any time wasn't always conveyed but there wasn't the nearly as much propaganda either. It's crucial to blast back the bullshit of those only out to fill space between condo ads, with no regard for those of ya'll who have lived and worked here to make South Brooklyn seem like something to hijack in the first place.

I have much more to say, especially on the REAL history of the "Canal," which nobody has bothered to research in full, including Community Board 6. Fine, they aren't historians either but c'mon: a LITTLE effort?

Viva Le FROGG!!

Junius Van Sinderen
Who Walk In Brooklyn