"You snooze, you lose, buddy!"

The ecstatically happy Markowitz's.
The other night a friend invited me to what I thought was just a regular Brooklyn style house party. Little did I know that hosts of the party Director/Cinematographer Steve and the fabulous wardrobe lady Sabine seduced it's attendees with food and alcohol and then cast us to act in an episode of the "Brooklyn vs. Bush Television Comedy Hour". Yup that's how it happened (to me anyway!). This photo is a little teaser from an upcoming episode where Jamie Markowitz's infamous Takashi Murakami placemat stealing incident at the Brooklyn Museum Ratner Gala is reenacted. Elliot plays Marty and Nancy gives a command performance as Jamie Markowitz. F.I.B makes her acting debut in this episode as the "Rich Lady" who becomes so livid with Jamie for taking her placemat swag that she morphs into a Murakami type super heroine! Wrestling and hair pulling ensues! I can't WAIT to see it!!!!

Check out Brooklyn vs. Bush T.V here.
On regular TV you can watch the show in Brooklyn and Manhattan on MONDAY NIGHTS.
BKLYN Mon at 11:30 pm on BCAT ch. 3 Time Warner ch. 56 CVision ch 69, no box: 10.
MANHATTAN mon/tues midnight MNN1/Time War 34 RCN 110.


Howard Golden said...

I'm still processing this... & that mask! Any good Markowitz is a great Markowitz, however, as that's become a hideous name to live down. When's this playing at BAM?

Lisanne McT said...

Soon. Very very soon.