Book Signing at Picturebox * Wednesday

This JUST in! There is going to be a book signing at the fab new store that is at the corner of Bond and 3rd Street called "Picturebox Departmental Store". Yes, this is something that picky F.I.B actually likes, it seems to be very Gary Panter amongst other cool artist centric! Too bad one has to walk by that stupid construction fence with the poem about "young revolutionary soldiers"! OK, OK, I am digressing, here is the scoop.

WHO is going to be there? Rob Lowe (no, not THAT Rob Lowe!) the Rob Lowe that is a Chicago musician who currently performs solo as Lichens and was was also a member of 90 Day Men and formed Dreamweapon with the members of Town and Country!

Well, truth be told, F.I.B doesn't know much about THAT but the reason he will be at Picturebox is to sign copies of Gyromancy. Which is a book of art created by Lowe and Rose Lazar, with an accompanying CD of music recorded by Lowe, called "Psygning Off". Lowe will be signing and decorating copies of the book at the PictureBox, and those copies of the book will also already have been signed/decorated in advance by Lazar for the occasion.

Check out some of his music here

Read more about his book here!

Opening is on Wednesday April 30, 6-7 pm.
PictureBox Departmental Store
121 3rd St. (Corner of Bond and 3rd)
Brooklyn NY 11231

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